Zaviel Janae Slack

I honestly don’t know where I would be if it wasn’t for the Light of the World Christian Academy! I do believe the opportunities that I now have in my career as a artist/Bgv singer was because I was allowed to spread my wings while in school! I don’t know any 10th/11th grader who was allowed to leave school and go shoot a movie and still have to do my work on set! And I was NOT allowed to slack off no matter what!!!! Lol!!!!! Not only did I get a great education and a firm foundation in God, I was also encouraged to go be GREAT! I’m forever grateful!!!!

photo of pastor zichri osler

Pastor Zichri Osler

I grew up in the Light of the World Christian Academy and attended school there from 1st to 5th grade.  And I can truly say the I thoroughly enjoyed school there. To this day, I cherish the relationships that I have from the LOTWCA. The education program was excellent!! And the teachers truly cared for their students. The environment was enriching and encouraging always!! It’s great to hear that the LOTWCA is coming back!! 

Elder Darryl and Diane Irvin

We are parents of two former students. Light of the World Christian Academy offered an education that was Christ-centered, family oriented, and based on cultivating the development of students socially, spiritually, and emotionally to make a positive impact in the world.