Association Leadership Team

Association Leadership Team

Light of the World Covenant Fellowship International Association (LOTWCFIA) Leadership Team

Ruth W. Smith – Archbishop

  1. Bishop Kevin Jones – Host Bishop
  2. Bishop Belinda Campbell – First Assistant to the Archbishop/Bishop of Intercessory prayer/ Bishop of Candidacy,Studies and Training
  3. Bishop David Jackson – Executive Bishop
  4. Bishop Fredrick Nah (Pastor Nah) – Third Presiding Bishop/Overseer of Men’s Division/ National Bishop of Liberia/National Bishop of Nigeria
  5.  Bishop Belita McMurry-Fite (Brother Fite )- First assistant to the third presiding bishop/Overseer of Women’s Division/ Jurisdictional Bishop of Tennessee
  6. Bishop Alfreda Young (Deacon Young)– Executive Treasurer
  7. Bishop Frances V. Mills (Brother Mills) – Executive Secretary
  8. Elder Lawanna Slack (Deacon Slack)- Director of Events and Planning
  9. Bishop Nedenia P. Barber – Bishop of Jail and Prison Services
  10. Bishop Ulysses Barber – Jurisdictional Bishop of East Georgia
  11. Bishop Jean Wilson – Bishop of International Missions/ State Overseer of Indiana & Kansas
  12. Elder Patricia Boyd-Wilson (Brother Wilson)– Overseer ofChristian Education
  13.  Bishop Nathan Culver – Asst. Chair Education
  14.  Pastor Zichri Osler – Overseer of Worship Arts
  15. Elders Stephen and Ann Butterfield – Overseers of Evangelism
  16. Elder Felix Williams (Pastor Williams)– Overseer of Armor Bearers/ State Overseer of Mississippi
  17. Bishop Danny Bennett (Pastor Bennett)– National Bishop of London England
  18. Bishop Jones Chuks Hussein (Lady Hussein)– National Bishop of the Republic Niger
  19. Bishop David Hartfield-Dyels– State Bishop of Louisiana
  20. Bishop Desmond Whitaker (Lady Whitaker) – National Bishop of the Grand Cayman Islands
  21. Bishop Papi Motsepe (Lady Motsepe) – National Bishop of South Africa
  22. Elder Steve Mungai – National Overseer of Kenya, East Africa
  23. Bishop John W. Pace– Bishop of Prophetic Move/ State Bishop of Florida
  24. Bishop Mishael Peter (Lady Peter) – National Bishop of India
  25. Bishop Bernard Nadiope (Lady Nadiope)– National Bishop of Uganda
  26. Bishop Thomas and Apostle Jean Porter – State Bishop and Overseer of North Carolina
  27. Elder David Baker (Lady Baker) –  Overseer of Bahamas
  28. Bishop Jankee Raghunanan– National Bishop of Trinidad
  29. Elder Billy Cabbil – Jurisdictional Overseer of Alabama
  30. Elder Edward McCollough (Sister McCollough)– State Overseer of Alabama
  31. Pastor Janet Goodwin – Representing the State of Oregon
  32. Pastor Tessa Blair – Representing Jamaica

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